July 18, 2024
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US financer awaiting trial in sex trafficking case committed suicide in jail

Prominent United States financer Jeffrey Epstein, who was awaiting trial in a serious sex trafficking case, has been found dead in a high security prison in New York.

The medical investigation has found suicide by hanging as the reason for his death. An investigation that has been launched in connection with the case has also supported the medical investigation’s findings.

An investigation will be conducted to examine how the financer was able to commit suicide in the high security jail in which several prominent criminals such as infamous Mexican drug trafficker EI Chapo are languishing.

It is suspected that the ignorance of the security officials who were in the jail at the time the suicide occurred was the prime reason for the failure to identify and foil the act in a timely manner.

It is not the first time the financer has faced a sex abuse allegation. As per an unverified report, earlier, he settled a case of similar nature using the unlawful process of out-of-court settlement. This time, the allegations are more serious in nature. The prime allegation against the deceased is that he sexually abused young girls.

It is learned that the concerned authority will not windup the case of the financer because of this death. The investigators are likely to continue to the investigation, until they are fully convinced that there are no other culprits in the case.

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