November 30, 2021
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Unnao rape survivor injured in suspicious road accident

The victim of the infamous Unnao rape case, in which a BJP MLA is a main accused, was seriously injured in a suspicious road accident. The accident happened when a speeding truck hit the car in which the Unnao victim was travelling. At the time of accident, the Unnao victim, her two aunts and her lawyers were on the car. Unfortunately, her two aunts succumbed to their injuries. Fortunately, the victim and her lawyer escaped the accident with serious injuries.

A close relative of the victim alleged that the accident was a conspiracy to eliminate the eyewitnesses in the Unnao rape case. As per an eyewitness’ account, the number plate of the truck which hit the car was covered. That account justified the suspicion raised by the relatives of the victim.

The BJP MLA, who is an accused in the case, is now in prison in connection with the case. But, he is a very powerful and influential local leader.

An investigation is on. The police have ruled out the possibility of a planned accident in the case. The relatives of the family have demanded a CBI investigation into the accident.

The victim, her aunts and her lawyer were on their way to meet her uncle who is in prison for a different case, when the accident happened.

One of her aunts who died in the accident is the jailed uncle’s wife and the other is that aunt’s sister.

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