July 24, 2021
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Unnao accused demands serious investigation into controversial car crash

The Unnao accused has demanded a serious investigation into the controversial car crash which left the Unnao victim seriously injured. The accused has termed the crash a political conspiracy to frame him.

A couple of days before, the car in which the Unnao victim, her lawyer and her two aunts were travelling rammed with a truck. In the accident, she and her lawyer suffered serious injuries. Unfortunately, her aunts failed to survive their injuries. The victim and her family were on their way to meet her uncle, who is in prison.

The Unnao victim has not yet recovered totally from her injuries. Meanwhile, her lawyer has almost totally survived from his injuries.

Interestingly, the Unnao accused has said that he would pray for the speedy recovery of the Unnao victim and her lawyer.

The Unnao accused has been shifted to Delhi from the Sitapur jail, which is situated in his home state Uttar Pradesh.

The Central Bureau of Investigation is at present investigating the case. The investigators recently questioned the expelled right-wing leader in connection with the case. They last day conducted searches at several locations related to the expelled political leader.

The top court lately directed the investigating agency to complete the probe within the timeframe of a week.

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