July 12, 2024
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Unique Times DQUE Mrs South India 2023 title is now owned by Merin John from Kerala

Unique Times and DQUE presents Mrs South India 2023 title is now owned by Merin John along with Vaishali S from Tamilnadu as first runner-up and Shalu Raj from Tamil Nadu as second runner-up. Apart from this Priyadarsini Deepak from Kerala crowned as Mrs South India Classic 2023. The pageant was conducted on 16th January at Le Meridien, Kochi.



Pegasus Global Pvt Ltd MD, Jebitha Ajit, Pegasus Chairman, Dr Ajit Ravi and Principal Commissioner Ministry, Sreeram Bharath crowned the winners of Mrs South India pageant. 14 contestants were selected from around the South Indian states for the Mrs South India competition. The contestants also had 1 week of grooming classes led by experts.

Regional Title Winners

Mrs Kerala Global – Sruthy K Nair

Mrs Karnataka – Minvy Ramesh

Mrs Tamilnadu – Shalu Raj

Mrs Telangana – Dr Sravanthi Perakam

Mrs Andhra – Vaishnavi Reddy

Subtitle Winners

Mrs Solidarity – Dr Sravanthi Perakam

Mrs Fashionista – Arpitha Kariappa

Mrs Sensational – Keerthi Pai

Mrs Diligent – Shalu Raj

Mrs Inspiring – Vaishali S

Mrs Vivacious – Minvy Ramesh

Mrs Shining Star – Soumya Saleedher

Mrs Ramp Walk – Merin John

Mrs Tenacious – Vaishnavi Reddy

Mrs Promising Model – Shalu Raj

Mrs Congeniality – Priyadarsini Deepak

Mrs Talent – Dr Sravanthi Perakam

The competition progressed in two rounds, Ethnic Round and Red Gown Round. The Mrs South India 2023 title winner earned a DQUE gift award of Rs. 1,00,000, and the first and second runners-up each received gift prizes of Rs. 60,000 and Rs. 40,000. Mrs. South India has taken a step toward joining the ranks of notable international pageants like Mrs Glam World, Mrs Asia Global and Mrs India Global.

Srini (International Director, Naturals), Jaya Mahesh (Fitness Therapist), Kripa Dharmaraj (Model and Founder of KDVSKG.COM) and Regi Bhaskar (Fashion Photographer) were on the judging panel. The winners of the subtitles were selected by a panel of eminent persons. The winners of Mrs South India were presented with a gold crown designed by Parakkat Jewelers.

Unique Times and DQUE are the main partners of Mrs South India 2023 organized by Pegasus. Naturals School of Makeup, Manappuram Finance Ltd, SAJ Earth Resorts and Convention Center, Alcazar, and Hecate Group of Companies are the powered by Partners.

Co-partners are Kalpana International, Aiswaria Advertisements, Vee Kay Vees Caterers, Photogenic Fashion and Weddings, Europe Times, UT TV, UT World, FICF, Green Media, Neenu Pro, Juzt Shine Family Fitness, Parakkat Resorts, Akshay Inco, Good Day Hotels and Resorts and JD Institute of Fashion Technology.

Archana A V from Kerala, Arpitha Kariappa from Karnataka, Keerthi Pai from Karnataka, Meenakshi Manohar from Tamil Nadu, Dr Meghana Reddy from Karnataka, Merin John from Kerala, Minvy Ramesh from Karnataka, Priyadarsini Deepak from Kerala, Shalu Raj from Tamil Nadu, Soumya Saleedher from Kerala, Dr Sravanthi Perakam from Telangana, Sruthy K Nair from Kerala, Vaishali S from Tamil Nadu and Vaishnavi Reddy from Andhra were the contestants.

Pic Courtesy: Pegasus Photography


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