July 23, 2024
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Turkey commits grave human rights violations, says Amnesty International

An International human right organisation, Amnesty International, has accused Turkey of committing grave human rights violations.

The organisation alleged that the Turkish forces and its local ally indiscriminately attacked civilian settlements and killed several civilians.

Turkey has not yet responded anything about the latest allegation that has come out against the country.

Earlier, several western countries said that they were worried about the situation in the northern Syria.

Recently, Turkey asserted that all possible things were done to avoid civilian casualties.

What the Amnesty International’s report indicates is that Turkey has gone back from its promise it made.

A few hours back, Turkey halted its operation in the northern Syria. The offensive was temporarily stopped, as it faced serious threat from the west for its action especially from the US – which imposed an economic sanction against Istanbul.

In the coming hours, several crucial developments are likely to happen in that part of the world. All eyes are on the northern Syria now.

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