February 2, 2023
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Triple talaq is unconstitutional, observes Allahabad HC

Giving a new strength to the Muslim women’s demand seeking a ban on the Triple talaq, the Allahabad high court today observed that divorcing woman by saying the word talaq three consecutive times is unconstitutional. The court also observed that the old practice violates the right of the common Muslim women. By saying that the practice was a part of Muslim personal law, the Muslim fundamentalist leaders had been promoting and advocating the practice for a long period despite wide criticism had been emerged against the practice from several quarters.

In the new order, the court held that no personal law or no personal law board is above the constitution of our country. As per the report, Justice Suneet Kumar passed the vital order regarding the triple talaq. The important observation was made by the court while hearing a petition filed by a Muslim woman who alleged that her husband arbitrarily divorced her. While delivering the verdict, the judge ordered that the divorce cannot be given arbitrarily. It was learned that the All India Muslim Personal Law Board is planning to appeal against the order. They claimed that they respect the order given by the High Court. Meanwhile, they added that the constitution gives them the right to appeal against the order. The women activists wholeheartedly welcomed the order, saying it will protect the gender equality and women rights.







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