January 19, 2021
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Traffickers hunt vulnerable teens through social media


Technology is one of the biggest gifts that we possess now. This gift has infiltrated in all parts of our life. Communication is one such part; from telegraph, it now stands at the mesmerising world of social media. The technologies always have a negative side if it is not used for the positive purpose. The new reports regarding the social media giant, Facebook, warns that it is not safe to use the social media platforms irresponsibly. The reports about teenage girls being tactically trapped into the trafficking network using the social media platforms should be seen as a wake-up call for many teenage girls who engage in unsafe communications with strangers through their social media platforms. As per the report, the Delhi police have received numerous complaints regarding the issue. It is said that the North East girls are more vulnerable to this kind of trap. It is an unfortunate fact that the preponderance of the girls who falls in this trap ends up as prostitutes.

The modus operandi of these gangs are that they befriend a venerable teenager and talk with her continuously for months, mostly sharing fake details, and once they are convinced that they gained trust, they exchange WhatsApp contacts and that end up in offering jobs and travel tickets. Those innocent girls who accept those offers often see an unfamiliar man and an unacceptable destiny, which she could not deny, in the other end. Finally, before making any attempt to come out of the trap, she falls into a chain of the trap which is often indestructible. However, now, several social welfare organisations have started campaigns to educate the vulnerable children about the hidden traps existing in the social media platforms and how to use the social platforms responsibly. It is an undeniable fact that the social media is one of the most valuable assets we have. Nowadays, it is even being used as an effective tool to protect the democratic values and human rights ensured to us by our constitution. It is objectionable to make a blind statement against the social media ignoring its positive angle.






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