September 26, 2021
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Top BDJS leader arrested in cheque bounce case in UAE

The top leader of the Bharath Dharma Jana Sena, which in Kerala is a member of the NDA led by the BJP, has been arrested in Ajman, UAE, in a cheque bounce case filed against him by his former partner.

The leader is the son of a prominent caste-based organisation in the Indian state of Kerala. His father said that his son was trapped.

The leader was the candidate of the BJP against a prominent Congress leader, who came to Kerala from Delhi searching for a winnable seat.

Though he could not demonstrate good performance in the election, his party demonstrated good performance in all the other constituencies it contested in the election.

He is politically very powerful in the state. The organisation his father leads even has the capacity to decide who should rule the state.

As per a media report, the leader was arrested from a hotel in the UAE. According to the report, he actually reached the UAE to reach a settlement with his old partner. As per the report, his old partner was the one who actually invited him to the Gulf country. The report says that the complainant, who invited the leader to the UAE for settlement, hid from him the status of the case.

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