August 15, 2022
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Tokyo court finds nuclear executives not guilty in Fukushima disaster

A court in Tokyo has declared the nuclear executives, who were indicted for failing to implement tsunami counter measures in the Fukushima plant, as ‘not guilty’.

The prosecution has failed to prove that they had pervious knowledge about the weakness of the plant.

The prosecution argued that the executives had been informed several years before the occurrence of the incident about the vulnerability of the plant.

Unfortunately, the court has not accepted the argument as the prosecution has failed to substantiate the argument with necessary evidence.

Had the charges against the executives been proved, the officials would have to spend at least five years in prison.

Earlier, the prosecution itself said that the charges would not stand against the executives. It was a committee that pressed the prosecution to go ahead with the charges.

Several people have gathered outside the court room to hear the crucial verdict. Many have expressed their deep dissatisfaction as they have learned about the anti-climax that stands against what they have expected.

Some as far as Fukushima have come to hear the final verdict. They have also expressed their deep dissatisfaction.

Most have appealed for the chance of the culture of unaccountability prevails in the Japanese society.

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