May 26, 2022

Tips to properly manage the body clock


Do you have a body clock? It is a surprising question, isn’t it? Actually, everyone has this clock. It is not the one you see on your wall. It is something which is invisible.

This subject has once again come to our discussion table as three renowned scientists Jeffrey Hall, Michael Rosbash and Michael Young has won the 2017 Nobel Prize in Medicine for discovering molecular mechanisms which control the body clock.

The improper body clock leads to several complications including sleeping disorders and other health issues. 

There are three simple tips which help to properly manage our body clock. The first one is that ‘take meals at the proper time’.  The second one is that ‘exercise regularly’. The third -the most important one- is that ‘avoid using laptops, mobiles, and televisions continuously for long hours’.

The experts say that one should put good care to properly maintain the body clock.   


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