November 30, 2021

Tips to avoid diseases in Monsoon


Monsoon is here. It is one of the most beautiful seasons this part of the world experiences. Rainy season has often appeared as a central subject of many popular poems and art works. But, the fact that generally a large set of diseases accompanies the attractive season proves that this season is not as cool as what is commonly believed.

Common fever, viral fevers, cholera, malaria, diarrhoea, jaundice, stomach infection and typhoid are the common diseases seen during this season.

There are some simple tips to keep these diseases away from the surrounding that one lives in. The suggested tips are: keep surroundings clean and dry to make it less attractive for flies and mosquitoes; always cover food items; drink boiled or filtered water; clean toilets regularly; make sure the restaurants one chooses to eat adhere to the quality standard prescribed by the authorities; avoid rain drops falling directly on head; follow proper personal hygiene; and eat nutrients rich food items.

Stay Healthy!


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