September 26, 2021

The Story of colors by Anita Abraham

Anita Abraham’s illustrations are absolutely spellbound. Ever colour is observed with the ability to capture perfect light and texture. She explores the rare medium of canvas even through the difficult circumstance. Following with our intersting conversation, sharing an inspiring story of an pricey artist.   

A bit about yourself?

I am Anita Abraham, a self-taught, mixed media freelance artist based in Bengaluru. Most of my artwork is based mainly on oil and acrylic on canvases. Though I have recovered partially from my physical ailments, I am still on treatment and I survey with the support of painkillers. I completely feel it’s my artwork that supports me to overcome my everyday pain. The happiness I hold is beyond any dimensions and it takes me to a different world when I am with my canvas and paints. Art has been a great healer for me apart from my splendid family and friends support. My family comprises of my parents, three brothers and including me one more sister. Unfortunately, I lost my dad at a very young age and later my brother and mother. Personally, the loss of my dears effected me intensely. But definitely, If it was not for the art and immense support from my sisters, brothers, relatives and friends, I wouldn’t have come this far.

Anita1So How did your artwork start out? About your mentors as well…

I started my artwork quite early in my childhood and later it became my sole companion. Afflicted with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis at a very young age, my joints stimulates unbearable pain. For six years I was bedridden missing all the joys of childhood. Most of my childhood days were spent at different hospitals. My world was my mom, colour books and pencils. My only way out was drawing and painting though at times I found it difficult to hold a pen.

Fortunately, that’s when I got a doctor in Chennai who helped me get back on my feet by replacing my hip and both my knees. The pain was immense as I re-learnt how to walk. However, pain is still my constant companion. I found my happy space my family, cousin and online platforms.  It is because my friends and family’s encouragement, it literally prodded and inspired me to draw. I emerged from a self-imposed shell and went back to painting with renewed vigour.

Who inspired you most when it comes to artwork?

My mom, of course, she is the one who started it all. There are so many other artists who have been an inspiration to me. I would say from most renowned artists like Van Gogh to the ladies who draw rangoli on the streets everyone inspires me in their own way.

Carol& Nick (1)

What do you believe is a key ingredient in creating a good art?

According to me, it takes a calm mind and utmost dedication and definitely loves toward whatever we do. Using one’s own experience when depicting emotions, really helps and translates well on canvas. That’s when I can personify and create a character based on the emotion, I start to mount a narrative for my illustration.

So how do you go about choosing an art topic?
My work portrays an accurate observation created with a complex pattern of painterly expressive strokes. I strongly believe dreams can’t be described with words but can be portrayed in vibrant colours with a right mind to decipher. All my paintings are the figments of my imagination painted on canvas. I get a sudden spark and move with the flow. I don’t plan on anything beforehand as such. My work goes on for weeks as I love to use my brush and paint creatively to capture a likeness. I usually create a mark with my paint, rather than attempting for a photographic smoothness.

Your unforgettable exhibition experience?Prjn1
I have completed a couple of solo arts with the support of my family and friends. Now I’m part of a group called like-minded group called EUPHORIA. I, Jennifer and Aneez, joined together to form “Euphoria Group of Artists”. Jennifer is an actress and painter from Bengaluru. Aneez is a watercolour artist from Bengaluru. All my exhibitions are memorable in their own way but the unforgettable one has to be “Color Splash” our recent exhibition and sale at Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath (CKP) where Mr Suresh Gopi, paid us a visit and praised and spoke highly of our work. His son, Mr Gokul Gopi, purchased an oil painting ‘Fire and Aqua’ from me. This was a memorable experience indeed and a proud moment for Euphoria as well.

What’s next is your dream?
We as a team would like to focus on kids and bring out the best in them. We have organized an Art Contest in August 2018 for kids at St. Mary’s High School in Bangalore. And we have a couple of other projects in the pipeline, as well. Also, we would like to do our best for special children. And I personally, dream to create my own touchstone of paintings and be known for my creative skill.


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