February 27, 2021

The Pretty Princesses of an Enviable European Kingdom: Cayman Islands

The Caribbean Islands always attract people. The region is considered as one of the most beautiful tourist locations in the world. Monthly, tens of thousands of tourists visit the region. Though all the Islands in the region are equally good, some stand out as exceptional due to various reasons. In this edition, it is discussed about one of these exceptional Islands in the region. It is actually an Overseas Territory of Briton. It is Cayman Islands.

About It

The Cayman Islands are located in the Western Caribbean Sea, close to Cuba, Honduras, Jamaica and Mexico. It is the three small Islands of Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman that make the Cayman Islands. The region, which has a population of over 64,420 people, is one of the most populated British Overseas territories (in fact, the second-most populated British Overseas territory after Bermuda). The Islands are economically powerful compared to other Islands in the region. For that reason, the standard of living in the Islands is far higher than that in the other similar Islands. Notably, its GDP per capita is the 38th highest in the world, according to a latest report released by the CIA World Factbook.George Town is the capital city of this beautiful overseas territory. And, that is located on the Grand Cayman, which is the most populous of the three Islands which make this grand territory.The territory is under the direct control of the UK. The supreme head of the country’s administration who has the supreme power in all matters concerning the administration of the country, the Governor, is the nominee of the UK. The elected representations of the country are bound to function as per the wish of the nominee of the Kingdom, though the country has an independent legislative assembly.The election to the assembly happens every fourth year. Anyone who has the country’s citizenship can contest in the election. There is no serious restriction on that matter. From the elected representatives, a council of ministers and a premier are selected to run the country. A person cannot become the premier of the country more than two times. The territory is different in many ways.

The backbone

As mentioned earlier, the territory has a powerful economy. Many wonder how this region has achieved with easiness the goal many are struggling to achieve. The territory’s financial sector is its backbone. Caymanians owe Sir Vassel Johnson, one of the pioneers of the territory’s financial service industry, for that. Recently, a senior politician of the region openly admitted that it was due to the support of the legends like Mr Johnson the country emerged as a major financial power. Truly, the territory could not have become the financial capital of the Caribbean region, had it not received the contributions of the legendry financial experts. The region is a tax heaven. It does not impose any income tax or corporate tax on its citizens. In fact, there is no direct tax in the country. The entire revenue the government needs to run the government comes from its indirect taxes. Many wealthy individuals and global conglomerates misuse the status of the region as a tax destination.

The days are gone the country is known only for its financial element. Now, it is slowly emerging as the tourism capital of the Caribbean region. Because of its financial strength, the infrastructure of the territory is well-developed. In reality, it is what that boosts the region’s prospect of becoming the tourist hub of the region.  

The Future

Seven Mile Beach

It is in its tourism sector that the future of the Islands lies. There are several beautiful tourist destinations in the region. It is known for its beautiful beaches, magnificent nightlife, exciting adventure sports, attractive countryside and many more. Seven Mile Beach, Stingray City, George Town, Mastic Reserve and Hell are the most popular tourist destinations in the region.

Seven Mile Beach is a famous public beach located in the Grand Cayman Island of the Cayman Islands. It is one of the prettiest stretches of sand in the entire Caribbean. It is in this region where some of the most famous resorts and posh houses of the territory are situated. The most exciting activity that can be done here is ‘walking’. You can simply walk over the white sands spread over the beach enhancing its beauty, and learn by yourself how that beach cleanse your heart and fill your heart with true happiness.

Stingray City

Stingray City is one of the most attractive shallow water snorkels and dives in the entire Caribbean region. As the name indicates, stingrays are the main attraction here. The real gift this popular tourist destination (in fact, the most popular tourist destination in the entire territory) offers is an unforgettable opportunity to get close to the harmless fish of stingray. You can hug them, kiss them and even swim with them. The opportunity will definitely take away all your fears and misconceptions about this beautiful, friendly, creature.

George Town, as mentioned earlier, is the capital city of the Cayman Islands. And, it is located on the territory’s most populous Island of Grand Cayman. It is also an offshore financial hub. It is the most vibrant city in the territory. There is almost everything that a traveller wants in this city, from museums to nightclubs. The museums display the rich history of the land in detail. Fort George, which was erected to protect the country from invasion, is an important tourist destination in the city, though only a part of the fort has sustained the test of time.

Mastic Reserve

Mastic Reserve is a protested subtropical forest. No traveller must miss an opportunity to enjoy the three-kilometre long Mastic Trail, developed nearly one hundred years ago. The trail will help you to explore the reserve thoroughly and deeply.

Hell! Yes, Hell. There is a hell in this world. And, it is not a joke. But, it is not the hell that you know. Actually, this hell that is mentioned here is a tourist destination in the Cayman Islands. Why it is called by the name Hell because its physical appearance satisfies our mental image of hell. In reality, the region holds this name only because of its sinister black rock formations. Otherwise, it is same as any other peaceful countryside in the world. Interestingly, in this destination, there is a post office where travellers can register their arrival.

The British Overseas territory is an excellent tourist destination. It is worthy to visit this stunning Island. Put this destination to your bucket list today itself. Explore the World! Enjoy Life! Be Happy Always!

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