August 9, 2020




Construct the plan by which to improve the way, that you live. Decide to be nominated as the social persuader. Social harmony is a result of joint effort. Therefore, you must work to get your listeners to align to the same page, as you.

The lifestyle of the social persuader has three indicators. That is sacrifice, service and austerity. Persuaders get dividends from social capital. They are never ignored, neglected or discarded. The trail and analysis shows that the rise in cost of living, inflation, monthly earnings and inflations does not destroy the social persuader. He has no fear of big purchases like the buying of a refrigerator, car or not even the house. The requirements and home needs are given to the persuader at the cost price.


The centres of social care also comes to help the persuader. The hospitals and services of care are willing to give support, to the social persuader.

Therefore, take your mind audit. Are you a coachable person? Will you enhance your responsibility to make a New Harmony Zone in your society? There is an obligation to be engaged in the events and activities of our neighbourhood. The talent of the future is to be able to converge and merge, the people who are polarized. The people have the right to be diverse. But the inclusiveness and the ability to accommodate pluralistic lifestyle can make you the master persuader.

The people need the education. That the concerts from the Musical Expo And Concerts is limited to a duration of two weeks. After the fortnight, they will dismantle all equipment and leave the city. All the expensive tickets and precious car passes will have lost all value. The entire ground will once again remain wasted. All things that you thought as rare, will become almost garbage. The performances and entertainment will be shelved, as only a memory. The perceptions will change and be transformed.

The social harmony will be restored. The futility of all confrontations, will become revealed. The persuader need to be alert. The expert persuader must make this, a society of learners. The persuader is the behavior coach. The MEAC is only a temporary activity. The social authority is reward, that stays for the longer time period. Salutes to the social persuader!


Vinod Kumar

Vinod Kumar








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