July 2, 2020

The new Enjoyment from Chevrolet

Maruti Suzuki was enjoying  a comfortable control in the relatively un- crowded MPV segment in the Indian Automobile Market. But the situation has changed. Chevrolet’s new offering enjoy poses itself as a strong competition for Ertiga and others in the segment. The Enjoy is more of a safe bet for Chevy. The design is not contemporary but it is not outdated. The design is typical of MPV, with the steep nose, long body and big wind screens. The lines around the grill gives this MPV a very distinct look. The lines on the sides gives some elegance. The backside is quite orthodox.

The car is built on a monocoque chassis, same as in the case of others in the competition. The major difference is in the fact the engine is installed longitudinally and connected to the rear wheel. The enjoy has all the advantages of a monocoque chassis, including more space for the passengers because you don’t have a big chassis below the seats. The doors open wide and getting in and out is a quite easy. Enjoy comes with two seating options; the seven seater and the eight seater.  The captain seats have good thigh support and back support. The top of the line models are fitted with captain seats. The back is also quite comfortable, but the negative you only a flip window in the backside. The wheels are 14 inchers with the top models having alloy wheels.

Inside there is no big surprise. There is no much of luxury. Enjoy is more of a practical package. There is no special touch in the case with equipments also. There is no Bluetooth, no climate control AC. The Enjoy will be enjoyed by practical users and not somebody who goes after luxury. The interior is quite airy; there is a lot of space. The dual tone dashboard is beautiful, and neat. The fit and finish is good. There is a lot of plastic feeling. The steering wheel looks quite basic as if you have travelled a decade back. Not something you expect after spending 9 odd lakh of rupees. The seats are pretty well finished and as I have said are quite comfortable.

In spite of all the lack of the equipments Enjoy impressed us with ride and handling, this MPV has sufficient power quick manoeuvre in the cities whenever you require. The suspension is quite good and absorbs all bumps. The vehicle handled well in the cities and surprisingly handled really in the hill roads also. The steering is really nice and light, but it does inspire confidence at high speeds. The gearshift is pretty smooth and gears falls into the slot correctly. There is a little bit of noise coming into the cabin once you cross the 1200 rpm mark.

Chevrolet has done a good job with Enjoy. The diesel version is supposed to well in Indian market, which is diesel incline. The new diesel engine has a lesser lag that Chevy’s earlier engines. The acceleration till 4000 rpm is quite good, but after that it loses steam, but don’t mind by that you will be far ahead in the road.

Indian families those who love to travel together, has a reason to enjoy now, they have a good option to be the family rider. Overall the new car delivers well for the customer. There are some concerns including the plastic quality and equipments list.  Chevrolet Enjoy has all the reasons in it for you to own. Enjoy your driving.

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