June 19, 2024
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The gift package exploded and the groom’s hand cut off; Given by the ex-boyfriend of the bride’s sister

Newlyweds seriously injured in wedding gift explosion in Gujarat. The wedding gift box exploded in Gujarat’s Navsari district. The newlyweds’ nephew, a three-year-old boy, was also injured in the blast.

Newlyweds Latish Gavit and 3-year-old Jiyas, who were injured in the accident, are undergoing treatment. The newlyweds’ hands were cut off in the explosion. The eye is seriously injured. And burns all over his body. The gift from the bride’s sister’s ex-boyfriend exploded.

His sister had ended her relationship with him two months ago. The relatives alleged that revenge was the reason for giving the explosives as a gift. Police have launched an investigation against Raju Patel in the incident.

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