February 23, 2024
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The first cyclone of 2022, Asani, is expected to form in the Bay of Bengal

The first cyclone of the year is expected to form in the Bay of Bengal around March 21, according to the India Meteorological Department. The cyclone will be dubbed Asani by Sri Lanka once it has developed into a storm.

The pre-monsoon months of March to May remain an active cyclone season over the North Indian Ocean region, which includes the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea. The cyclone will not affect mainland India, according to the department, because the cyclone’s likely path will take it to Bangladesh and north Myanmar. On March 20 and 21, the cyclone will pass through the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, bringing heavy rain.

A low pressure area formed in the Bay of Bengal on Wednesday, and it moved east-northeastwards Thursday morning, bordering the equatorial Indian Ocean. The cyclone is currently en route to Bangladesh and north Myanmar, where it is expected to approach the coast on March 22. Rainfall will increase over the Andaman and Nicobar Islands as the storm approaches. On Friday, the department has predicted heavy rain (64 to 115 mm in 24 hours) with isolated, very heavy spells (115 to 204 mm in 24 hours) over the Nicobar Islands.

Fishermen have been advised not to venture into the Andaman Sea between March 17 and 22 due to the possibility of rough seas. Along the coasts, wind speeds of 50 to 60 kilometres per hour are expected.

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