September 22, 2023
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Thailand likely to become first customer of BrahMos missiles

The Thailand government is in talks with the Indian government to reach a deal with the latter to buy the famous BrahMos supersonic cruise missile. Thailand has the chance to become the first customer of the country to buy the one of the most powerful missiles India has ever developed. Apart from Thailand, many other countries have expressed their interest to purchase the missile. But, not any country has reached so far as Thailand in terms of the deal talks.
As per a media report, the deal is less likely to be signed this year. It is more likely to be inked in the year after this year, according to the same report.
The missile will increase the military capability of Thailand. It will also improve its relation with India, the world’s largest democratic country and one of the most powerful Asian countries.
The deal indicates that Indian aims to increase its engagement with the BIMSTEC countries. Thailand is one of the BIMSTEC countries. Others are Bangladesh, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Bhutan and Thailand, apart from India.
India’s increased engagement with the BIMSTEC is expected to give serious headache to China, which aims to become the Asian superpower.

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