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Everybody has a drive from within. This is a drive to do something. Nobody is free from this subtle need to be doing something. In effect you are watchful about the doing of other people. And in turn you are cautious about them, evaluating and assessing your activities. So here, it is that you have a need, which creates a ripple. The ripple pushes you. You are then driven to do an activity. You assume that others are suspicious about your activity.

Exam and performance:

So, in a day how many times have you felt that you are subjecting yourself for an examination? Everyday don’t you face the assumption of testing times? Look at children who are compelled to give exams. This isabehaviour that you have been put in to, since childhood. Are you readying yourself to give the exam? Unfortunately this habit has stayed within you. Isn’t there an anxiety about pass or failure? Are you alert to this anxiety of being examined? Everybody has testing times. And it is only natural to go through the results. Every failure or success has given you an experience. Sometimes you are too  pre-occupied with your performances alone. So you are unable to be alert to the experiences within you.

 Experience and emotion:

For example, you have readied yourself to givea driving test.  When you look a little in to your mind you will see an anxiety. You may pass or failthe driving test. Either way you are so focused on your performance.This uni-foculness is blind to the experience of failure or success. See if you can scratch and go beneath the experiences. There lies much emotions. The experience has left its residuein the emotions. Though they are not toxins, there are deep impressions on your mind. Sometimes emotions are painful. Intelligence is the ability to link these various stages and yet penetrate deeper in to the mind. What is beneath your emotions? An excruciating sensation that has no cure. It is at a deep level. Very few people have access to these sensations. They are very patient, investigative and alert to the sensations. All sensations are triggered with an impulse.

Sensation and pain:

It is in the times of excruciating pain that one has to relate with himself. That is called awareness. The objective of all activity must be an imminent freedom. We can agree that we are bound to activity and performance.  But a person, who is aware,can delink a sensation from its impulse. It is only in this level that there is freedom.The level of sensations, which is beneath the emotions has triggered many ‘gazals’. Many prayers of devotion have emerged from such sensitivity. Many artists have put colour on canvas to represent deep seated pleasure or pain. Many dancers have expressed their profit and losses as dance or songs. Theatrics, fashion, poetry and even tragic stories have narrated this principles of the mind.

It is a relief that nobody is spared from the performance anxiety. Everybody has to work to make a living. Transactions and trade are inevitable. Interactions can make relations. Many times even mere conversations can result in breakup of bonding between people.


How do you evolve an equation between two people? You have experiences of inferior/superior complexes when pitted against another person. It is not possible to be free at this level of expression. Actually all performances and productivity are only expressions. So how to correct and set the equations among people?


It is a valuable skill to be able to ‘de-link’. Are you in a rat race?  Why do you always need to catch up in cricket? It is called chasing runs. One team has set the score at three hundred runs. In the second innings the other team is chasing the score set by team A. Obviously it is stressful.

Unique and free:

Where is your uniqueness? Uniqueness cannot be found, if your excitement is limited to chasing somebody else’s score. How to arrive at individuality? Many times you do activities because of obligations. Put some intelligence called de-link in to the incidents.  De-linking from having to chase other people’s score and then de-link from your obligations. The ‘de-link’ from obligation and chase is at the level of sensations. De-link and be free. You can identify each shackle. Wisdom is living with freedom. Living is an expression. Your uniqueness is your freedom. Testing times are your expressions and unique times is your nature. And meditationsare a trendy tool to discover your unique times. There is freedom from the consequence of performance. But indulgence in activity and productivity is mandated. Trade is inevitable, the exertion of the mind is necessary but any mental worry about your business is optional.The businessman has a motive of making profits. Good investments are made only by those who have a taste of economic freedom. The times are really not testing you and the people are not examining you.


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