December 6, 2023
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Teenagers Drowned in Ganga Canal While Taking a Bath

Teenagers Drowned in Ganga Canal While Taking a BathTwo teenagers drowned and two others went missing when they were taking bath in Ganga canal in Masuri area on Tuesday evening, police said.

The deceased have been identified as Amit (17) and Rahul(19), residents of Sewa Nagar area of the city, they said.

The incident took place on Tuesday evening when Amit and Rahulalong with their five friends, identified as Ashu, Neeraj,Nakul, Mohit and Yash – all aged between 17 to 19, had gone to take a bath in the Ganga canal in Masuri.

“When they were taking a bath, Amit, Rahul, Ashu and Neeraj went to the deepest part of the canal and started todrown. Seeing this, Nakul, Mohit and Yash raised alarm for thehelp,” a senior police officer said, adding that the boys could not besaved.

As soon as police received the information, divers wereimmediately called in and bodies of Amit and Rahul were fishedout of the canal while Neeraj and Ashu were yet tobe found, he said.


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