October 25, 2021

Teen possessing ‘negative body image’ more likely to binge ‘Drinking’ and ‘Smoking’


We are all imperfect. We have several positives, as well as several negatives. As we grow, we learn to utilise our positives and negotiate with our negatives.

Teenage is the craziest time when one puts too much effort to find his/her negatives- more particularly when one feels serious discomforts about his/her body image.

Very often, the parents and teachers fail to read the early signs of the discomfort created by the negative body image in the teenagers.

As per a study report, most of the teenagers who feel such discomforts relay on the dangerous habits like drinking alcohol and smoking tobacco.

The health experts suggest that the parents and teachers should identify the behavioural changes in the teenagers in the early stage itself.

They add that the older people can help the teenagers to overcome their negative body image through their sensible advises. They further add that the body image awareness should be given to all those teenagers who show the negative signs.  


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