August 14, 2022
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Tamil Nadu to decide on Kerala’s water offer Today

The Tamil Nadu government Today is likely to take its final decide on whether they should accept the Kerala’s offer to supply nearly 20 lakh litres of water by train from Trivandrum to Chennai to tackle their water crisis.

Earlier, the TN government politely declined the offers put forth by Kerala, saying that the present situation was manageable and they would approach the state themselves in the case of emergency.

The Tamil Nadu opposition, primarily the DMK, has strongly criticised the government’s decision to turn down the neighbouring state’s offer.

The opposition party has urged the state government of Tamil Nadu to accept the offer made by the Kerala government.

The Tamil Nadu Chief Minister has not yet publically responded about the issue yet.

As per a report, he was not in his office when the offer came and the decision to turn down the offer was taken by his officials in consultation with his colleagues in his absence.

Chennai is suffering a serious water shortage. The water shortage has made the life of the common people in the city difficult. The Tamil Nadu government is at present struggling to overcome this crisis.

It is hoped that in the near future itself the city will overcome the crisis.

Last day, the city experienced a small rainfall. In the coming days also, the city is expected to experience similar rainfalls, as per a report.

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