June 23, 2021
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14th Manappuram Minnale Media Awards: Best News Reader Male and Female award bagged by Dr K Arun Kumar and Nisha Purshothaman

The 14th Manappuram Minnale Film Media Awards, the VPN and IBE Awards (FMB Awards) and MBA award had been awarded to the awardees. The awards ceremony was held on February 24 at the Le-Meridien Hotel, Kochi. The managing director and CEO of Manappuram Finance Pvt Ltd, Mr V P Nandakumar was the Continue Reading
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Beauty and Media

Imagine growing up in a modern day society. Everywhere you look there are images of beauty, representations of how beautiful people are supposed to look; flawless and thin. You grow up believing that this unattainable image is the only image of beauty. As you look in the mirror and see only flaws in your reflection, […]Continue Reading