June 19, 2024
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Syrian residents leading a pathetic life: reports international agencies

In a top level meeting convened by Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, the Pak authorities uniformly decided to condemn the Pathankot terror attack. Surprisingly, this is the first time a Pakistani government is condemning a terrorist attack in India. The neighbouring country offered complete support in the probe and avowed to eliminate terror. It can be considered as the major breakthrough in the Indo-Pak relation since the Independence.The senior Pak officials like ISI Chief, Army General, National Security Advisor, Foreign Affairs Adviser, DG Military Operations and Lt Gen had attended the meeting; and reportedly shared similar opinion about the terror attack. An official statement, released immediately after the meeting, revels that the Pakistan government is condemning the attack and offering complete corporation to India to eradicate the terrorism activities. Recently, the Indian government had attained a remarkable development in the foreign relations particularly with Pakistan. Earlier, the Indian National Security Advisor, Ajith Doval, met his Pakistani counterpart in Bangkok late last year. Eventually, the foreign relation with Pakistan had attained an unexpected momentum. Later, our Prime Minister Narendra Modi had made a surprise visit to Lahore. To promote the relation to the next level, the foreign secretaries of both the nations are scheduled to meet in mid-January. Unfortunately, the terror attack on Indian air base had again invited confusion to the relations. Now, the new efforts will eradicate unnecessary confusions in the peace development, says expert. In the statement, Pakistan assures that the country would work hard to eliminate the extremism and terrorism.


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