June 24, 2024
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Swami Bhadrananda flashes the ray of hope to many; 10 philips TV for e-learning


Swami Bhadranand in order to help the students for the e-learning purpose, Swami Bhadranand handed over the 10-Philips 32-inch TV to Tourism Minister Shri Kadakampally Surendran. He said, its an honour to do something with the Pinarayi government who is doing a lot for the well being of the people.

He also added “a good society can only be built when we have the mind to help those who are suffering”.

Concluding the function he said, “Through this function, we trying to convey the world a humble message that each and every one of us should do charity for a better future. We owe it to ourselves to prove not only in word and deed, but also in the assurance that each of us should join hands with the government that stands with the poor. Let us remember that only a socially committed society can shed tears of pain.”


Video Courtesy: Swami Bhadranand official Facebook page



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