June 26, 2022
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Summer Fun How to make this season exciting for you…


Summer is all bummer for those who hate to wake up every morning covered in sweat, those who get a “hot-head” while walking towards the office every afternoon and summer is a nightmare for school going kids. But, the season is lot more fun than you think it is, all you need is a routine fixed. Here are those activities you could do for a thrilling summer season.


Outdoor fun

It is a perfect time to have all the outdoor activities as you don’t have to worry about the formation of clouds over your head. Go for cycling, fishing, skateboarding and games that take up your leisure time. Exercise helps in maintaining your body and state of mind.You could also plan a summer vacation or a picnic and take all the goodies to a suitable location.



Do you like to take photos? During summer, most of the animals and creature come out of the hiding and you get to take a perfect click, butterflies near the flowers, meadows, squirrels etc. Takings pics are lot more fun than you think. Put yourself in a suitable background and take the click. This could a picture that you could keep in the memory of good and beautiful summer.


Be a tourist

Has it ever occurred to you that you are yet to visit all the major landmarks in your city? This is the perfect opportunity to find out. Be a tourist in your city. Go to the museums, malls, art centers, old infrastructure etc. Perfect time for a selfie as well. Nothing looks cuter than yourself in the background of a good looking monument.


Juice time

Try different varieties of fruit juice. Fruits help you a lot during hot and sunny days. It gives you a cooling effect and you could also enjoy the taste. Fresh and juicy. I recommend mango juice, apple juice, mosambi, and other forms of mocktails. Fruits play a significant role in your facial beauty as it enhances the complexion and skin smoothness.


Makeup routines

It is time to be that “make-up” monster with all the facial masque on resulting in better appeal. Put on turmeric-milk masque or cucumber. Lie down with eyes covered with cucumber as it is effective.


Clean shave days

November is celebrated as “no-shave” then try a different look during summer. A clean shave will help in avoiding excess sweat on your face during summer followed by the cooling effect. And, you get the opportunity to surprise your relatives with the new look.


Change the hairstyle

Women with long hairs may trim their hair to shoulder level. Long hair could be disturbing as it contributes to the heartening process. Try a different style altogether, you will be needing that change after a while.


Try these methods and make your summer a memorable ride.


Elizabath Chacko

MD – Kalpana’s International


Photo Courtesy : Google/ images may be subject to copyright


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