September 17, 2021

Sugarcane juice helps to fight UTI


We love to drink juices. Among juices, sugarcane juice is one of the popular juices available in India. It is one of the very few juices, Delhites, Mumbaikars and southerners love alike.

Sugarcane is cultivated in almost each and every state. It is easy to find a sugar cane juice vendor, than a normal juice vendor in our metros.

Importantly, sugarcane juice is one of the cheapest juices available in our country. Because of these aforementioned qualities, almost all of us may have tasted his drink at least once.

Even though the juice is very popular, no serious efforts to study the benefits of this drink have been made.

With the limited information we have, it is clear that there are many health benefits for this drink.

Sugarcane juice helps to gain energy, fight cancer, eliminate Urinalry Track Infections, enrich human body with many vitamins and minerals, fight digestion problems and improve bowel movement.     


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