June 24, 2024
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Succeed in With Global Market Effective Cross Culturecommunication

SUCCEED INAny individual will agree that communication is a key factor when it comes to business. To strike up any successful business deal, one has to be able to know how to talk in an effective manner which will win over the clients or help create new partnerships. The talent of being able to handle communication in a smooth manner is not something which everyone possess’ and those who do hold that certain skill  must know how to use it wisely in order for it to work. Having the skill for communication won’t solely help as you must also know how to use it properly or you may need help improving it as it serves to be one of the main pillars behind success. And for a business person to know how to communicate effectively they may feel at times a necessity to take up a course or two based on business communications. So to make it easier here are some ways or quick lessons on about how you can hone your communication skills so that you can sail through your business deals without taking on a high amount of stress on worrying about how it will all pan out in the end.

When it comes to the term communication, there are many definitions. Now I am not going to get into an in depth lecture about this topic as it will concern many detailed types of communication with technical terms which might not be the best way to go about learning about the topic of effective communication. But keep in mind that there are various types of communication that can be laid out. However the two main types of communication which is necessary for a business person to be knowledgeable about is the basic form of communication as well as “cross culture communication.”

The basic meaning of communication involves an individual being able to discuss their ideas, and information in a formal and thorough manner where they captivate their client’s attention and continue to keep them in an attentive form throughout the meeting or discussion. Basic communication obviously is only way in which you can bank deals, conduct strategized marketing plans and strike up partnerships locally and globally. With the comprehension of the basic communication skills, it may not always seem very difficult for the persons who are familiar and well aware of the culture and the behaviors of the people of the country in which they reside to know how to close in on a deal with ease when it comes to conducting a successful business proposition in the local business environment, But the trick comes about when the business persons come across having to communicate effectively as they merge with business partnerships and deals abroad or have to learn to communicate with transfer employees from foreign countries who are unaware of the culture and behavior of the country in which they are being stationed in. It is not only the business persons in this case who will face challenges when it comes to working with the business persons in other countries, but also their temporarily transferred employees who are sent abroad for work purposes will happen to face the similar obstacles of having to learn to communicate in a well sought way where their ideas and information is conveyed in an understandable manner. This form of communication which occurs where a business person or employee has to learn to communicate with the business persons and employees from other countries and cultures is known as “cross culture communication.”

The concept of cross culture communication clearly states its meaning in the wordings. Communication amongst different cultures are being interlocked with as business persons and employees come together in order to bring the company into a higher status of success. For those business persons who prefer to keep their business within the local market and for those business persons who aim higher to expand their business by entering into the global market will equally need to be aware of cross culture communication. Any business person without the knowledge of the happenings in the global market will find it difficult to carry on a successful business as it happens to be so that in today’s world shoppers not only seeks for products within the local market, also seek to purchase from the foreign markets as they weigh out the most affordable price ranges for each and every product. So without learning cross culture communication, one cannot successfully carry on their business to a brighter future.

To learn the concept of cross culture communication, you must be aware that there are various cultures, and though the world is increasingly globalizing day by day, there are still countries which embrace their culture values, and religious beliefs. Therefore you must learn to understand the minor things in other cultures, in their values, and beliefs in order to find success amongst the business persons in that particular country.
One must be aware that there are certain business formalities which are followed in certain countries and these formalities are a result of these cultural values, and specific beliefs. If it happens to be so that an Indian businessman might travel abroad to the western countries such as United Kingdom, or United States, know that it is not always about the way or in the accent in which one speaks English which matters, but rather it is about how one understands the western way of doing business which one should be concerned about.

In the western business world, everything is prompt and expectations which are set to be achieved are to find success beyond the expected level. When a meeting is set for a certain time, you must show up at that exact time with no delays or possibly 15 minutes early as that will be a sign of attentiveness to the business that is going to be dealt with. When you meet a person, you are to shake hands with them, as the handshake gives the first impression of the individual. Also maintaining eye contact in the western culture comes off as showing a sense of confidence, whereas in some Asian cultures, it would be considered offensive to make eye contact with those who are higher in position.

Now if a European or an American business person travels to India to do business, they must defiantly be aware of the various cultural values set within India. They must be aware of the respect which is shown to the elders in India, so to say that they must be aware of the age difference and learn to speak in a well mannered fashion to those business men who are elder to them so as not to offend them. Also crossing one’s legs in front of elders may come off as offensive to some, so one must make certain, that the way that they sit, or hold themselves before the individual who they are presenting themselves in front of is proper as the non verbal form of communication will certainly give either a negative or a positive impression. Also one must be aware that in India you cannot give anything with the left hand, as some may take it to be offensive, but rather when handing anything over hand it over with the right hand as it is a sign of respect. It is similar in China where if a Chinese business man is being handed a business card, it must be handed with both hands as it shows a sign of respect and make certain that the business cards are always translated.

When it comes to some others cultures, such as in Brazil, there is the formality of showing affection when hugging and kissing on the cheeks when people meet, but in the western culture a certain amount of distance is always maintained between two strangers. There are certain physical boundaries which cannot be crossed when speaking as it will be too close and causing a sense of discomfort. When it comes to some Asian cultures, know that there are certain countries where people will bow down before an individual upon meeting the person. The lower they bow down to the other person, the more respect is shown. When one is bowing down to a minimal or maximum level, then it is also a sign of the level of acquaintance between the individuals.

Before you set off to another country, or you are aware that someone from another country is coming to work in your office under your management, learn about that country, their cultural values and beliefs.  It will help one better communicate with the individual rather than leaving one wondering why they are randomly taking so many days off from work, when the person may have religious reasons to do so, or why they will not even look at those higher in position to them. One must understand the reasons behind each individual’s actions. It is only upon find a level of understanding that any business will come to find success. So to better partnerships in the global market learn the norms, values, and beliefs of the countries which you are destined to travel too, by learning not only their way of verbal communication, but also their way of non verbal communication.

Denisha Sahadevan


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