March 25, 2023
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Stay a bit close to the heaven – Vasundhara SAROVAR Premiere




Turning away from the modern  four-lane  highway, one  touch immediately into the Kerala landscape. The  ride is now slower, the road  winding its way through the village. The moment you are off the highway,  part of your stress is gone. The car moves slowly through the village road and almost at the end  of it you reach Vasundhara. Even though it’s a small distance from the highway, all seems entirely different. Vasundhara even from outside the gate seemed to be magnificent.
Vasundhara is a seamless  blend of the traditional and the modern. One may be easily amused by the kind effort which has gone behind to make the resort.  Let it be the natural flooring, with terra cota tiles, coconut wood flooring , traditional cement flooring pigmented with oxides to give that yesteryear feel. Thanjavoor paintings and artwork on granite from Pondicherry.
The lobby of the hotel is entirely different from what you have seen in other hotels. It is a slice of Kerala culture with the Thrissur Pooram depicted with all its awe and elegance. The elephant caparisons, the umbrellas and life size figures of Kerala’s own art forms make the lobby real exclusive. The upper deck is decorated by a genre of painting called Namboothiri painting. In the evening when all the lamps are lit and music played, the lobby of the hotel transforms literally into a festival ground. The theme of the lobby is carried throughout the hotel.
Nature has truly blessed the place Vayalar with all its beauty, the sprawling lake  and the natural breeze give a freshness to the entire space. All the rooms have a lake view, and the design is done to fully capture the beauty of nature. The classification of the rooms ranges from superior rooms to the Presidential suite, the hotel can also boast about the heritage villas and floating cottages
The hotel is fully equipped, it has all the modern amenities. Starting from electric buggy to travel around inside the hotel premises. There is a swimming pool with all the facilities and three restaurants to cater delicacies. The people are  all very courteous and  their warm approach makes the experience more beautiful, there is an in house training department to fine tune the their skills
The most exotic space in the hotel will be the floating cottages on the private lake, designed for privacy, the cottages feature Jacuzzis overlooking the lake
The Yoga deck is a prime attraction for tourists especially for the foreigners who are interested in yoga and meditations. The hotel has a full time yoga instructor available on call. The deck is built overlooking the lake which makes a perfect place to unwind.
Vayalar is blessed with all the natural beauty, hardly an hour’s drive from the heart of Cochin city, the place has got immense potential for development. The exquisite beauty need to explored and developed to cater to ever growing number of tourists
Vasundhara as part of its corporate social responsibility program has built a new Aganvadi building with all the facility in the vicinity of the hotel. The old building nearby was ill maintained and had a leaking roof. There are more plans in the anvil. Several plans have been  submitted to the authorities to root out the weed problem and other plans to make the community in and  around Vayalar to prosper.
In a short span of time, Vasundhara Sarovar has garnered a slew of awards, an evidence of the quality of the hotel and its awards. VSP is  ranked as the number 1 resort in Alappuzha District out of 54 by Trip Advisor. Another award was from Brands Academy for the  Best Upcoming Spa Resort. The hotel has also received a Travellers Choice Hotel Award from Trip Advisor. In a recent ranking VSP is  ranked at 9th Position out of 25 Best Hotels of India for 2013 by Trip Advisor.  The first one being Udai Vilas Udaipur and the 8th being Raj Vilas in Jaipur. The Interior Architects, Mr. P.C. Mathew and Ms Monolita Chatterjee have received for VSP the first prize for interiors in the non resident commercial category. If Kerala is God’s own country, Vasundhara Sarovar is God’s Durbar.  We spend the whole day exploring the beauty of the resort.


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