January 27, 2022
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SP tries to woo UP voters with development projects, presents supplementary budget


It seems that the Uttar Pradesh government led by Samajwadi Party is deliberately trying to woo their voters with the development schemes, as the state is nearing the much-awaited assembly election.For the first time, the UP Chief Minister, Akhilesh Yadav, has presented a supplementary budget in the assembly. It is said that the move is aimed at earmarking more funds to complete their ongoing development projects. The SP gives greater importance to their development projects. It may highlight their development projects as their main achievement in the upcoming elections. In their election manifesto, it will most probably seek another term in power to complete their ongoing projects.It is evident from the supplementary budget proposal that the party is highlighting the state as an industrial centre. In the budget, the SP government has earmarked a large chunk of money for the infrastructural projects, like ‘Samajwadi Expressway’ project.The UP CM, who also holds the financial portfolio, has also allocated a reasonable amount of money for the welfare projects, like the ‘Model Charkha’ schemes, ‘Hausla Paushan’ schemes, minority welfare projects, basic education schemes, and the farmer’s accident insurance schemes.

The supplementary budget presented by the government largely sounds like an election-oriented budget.The budget has not omitted the tourism sector. The perfume park project, Mughal museum project, Jawaharbagh Park project and several other beautification projects will get required benefits from the budget, says the report.  Interestingly, the UP CM has sought nearly two-hundred crore rupee from the union government to publicise their development projects.


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