August 14, 2022
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South Korea doomsday cult leader jailed

The leader of the infamous doomsday cult of South Korea, Shin Ok-ju, has been sentenced to six years by a court. She has been found guilty by the court of holding her followers captive in Fiji and subjecting them to severe violence.

She convinced her followers that a severe famine was about to happen and her followers would survive the natural disaster.

As many as 400 people fell into that trap. Once they reached Fiji, their passports were seized. They were subjected to severe violence. The violence was committed on the followers in the pretext of helping them escape from the clutches of evil.

Within few years, the cult grew to become one of the most powerful business models in the region. It even secured the position of the most excellent business model in the region. It secured several government contracts. Within a short timeframe, it created a huge empire in the region.

All these were achieved by exploiting innocent followers. Those questioned this exploitation were subjected to cruel torture.

While announcing the verdict, the court has noted that those performing crimes exploiting religious belief must be punished severely.

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