May 27, 2024
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Song during kitchen work; Videos of a young woman going viral

When asked if we know how to sing, some jokingly say that we are a ‘bathroom singer’. Similarly, there is a local, but viral singer called ‘Kitchen Singer’. Shalini Dubey from Jharkhand.

A viral singer who sang songs while working in the kitchen. Shalini’s video is now being watched by millions. Thousands share their videos.

Shalini Dubey sings while we do our usual cooking, cleaning and heating in the kitchen. Sister Shreya is filming this. Shalini has become known to music lovers on social media after some of the reels she shared on Instagram went viral.

Shalini’s most notable song is ‘Pasuri’ from Coke Studio Season 14. If you ask me why I sing in the kitchen, the simple answer is that I like it. In fact, it is clear from the videos that Shalini is singing from the kitchen with a lot of fun. Her voice and personality are admired on social media. Shalini sings not only in the kitchen but also in essential stage shows.

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