July 4, 2020

Social Media

Klout is a San Francisco-based company that provides social media analytics to measure a user’s influence across her or his social network. Data from social networking sites are used to arrive at the klout score. It analyses the persons network, content created and how they interact with people. The company has been subject to substantial criticism, both for its business model and its operating principle. An article in an international magazine tells how an individual interviewed for a VP position at a Toronto marketing agency was unsuccessful when he wasn’t able to explain what Klout was and subsequently returned a poor score with the social profiling site. It has caused debate in the marketing industry.

Bloggers are finding to Pinterest to be very lucrative, particularly those whose blogs include some element of photography or design. The social media site which recently became the third most popular behind Facebook and Twitter gives them another outlet to display their photos and provides the ability to interact with their fellow bloggers. It is for sure that Pinterest will bring you a lot of clients.

The professional networking site, Linkedin has launched an app for the new Ipad. The HTML 5 based LinkedIn app for iPad, which brings a host of new features, is compatible with both the older and the new iPad. The app has a special focus to on segments like Update, Inbox, User and Groups. This not only makes it easier for members to accomplish tasks easily, but also makes it more intuitive to find what they are looking for when they are little short on time.

The Internet users sprung from a mere 25000 users in 1998 to about 100+ million users in 2010. The Internet download speed in India is 0.7 Mbps (World average was registered as 1.9 mbps) and the upload speed is 1.44 Mbps (rank 144). As per NextWeb source, of the 1.21 billion India’s population, 8.4% of them are internet users, 2.1 use facebook as the social networking platform. Of this 50% on Indians are aged 25 or below. India is the 5th largest country for the social networking giant Facebook having 24 million users, of which 9 million have joined in last 6 months and it will be the 2nd largest by 2012.

Hey we are still talking about social networking. How about some social shopping and social gifting, e-commerce experts say that the next big thing in online commerce is of social shopping and gifting. Several new sites have sprang to utilize this opportunity.  Kaboodle is a social network based on shopping and can put you in touch with other shoppers who have similar interests in products. Kaboodle also features product reviews, and as you grow to know the community, the product reviews become more relevant since you’ll recognize some of the reviewers.

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