July 29, 2021
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Skin care tips to be followed in rainy season 

Most of us has a wrong belief that rainy season is good for skin as it is the exact opposite of summer. But that belief is absolutely baseless. Rainy season can be as dangerous as summer.

Though rainy season gives respite from heat, it increases humidity in atmosphere. Excess humidity in atmosphere is not good for skin. It may limit the ability of skin to retain its moisture.

As we all known, there are numerous pollutant particles in atmosphere. Naturally, as rain falls, like many other particles, pollutants also join the fall. These pollutants can create several serious skin issues.

To save skin from the harmful effect of rainy season, one needs to aware about several important truths in connection with the relation of this season with skin.

Now, we are in the middle of a bitter rainy season. We have already experienced some slight changes in our skin.

In this edition, some sensible points to protect skin from the adverse impact of rainy season are described in detail.

Do you know it is necessary to follow a season-specific skin care routine? Professionals say each season has its own skin care routine. They add there is no point in following a summer routine in winter and likewise a winter routine in summer. The logic behind this point is that the nature and character of skin change according to season. The nature and character of skin in summer is not similar to the nature and character of skin in winter. Simply speaking, like how environment changes according to season, skin also changes.

Wash skin

Usually, people forget to wash their face in rainy season. It is important to wash your skin at least two or thrice a day in this season. The practice may reduce the chance of catching some serious skin problems like pimples.


Humid atmosphere is the basic character of rainy season. Excess humidity in atmosphere leaves skin drained. It implies that moisturizer is an essential tool to combat rainy season. If you are someone with dry skin, the frequency of the usage of moisturizer needs to be as short as possible.


There is a wrong notion that skin is less vulnerable to UV rays in rainy season. The reality is that skin is always vulnerable to UV rays. Whether it is a sunny day or not, no compromise should be made over the usage of sunscreen. Regular use of sunscreen brings several benefits.

Drinking water

Unlike summer, in rainy season, one may not feel thirsty. It does not mean that you do not need to drink water in rainy season. One must drink at least eight to twelve glasses of water a day. That routine must be strictly followed in rainy season also.


For rainy season, a diet with the right amount of fat is recommended, as this type of diet is essential for the repair of damaged skin. The inclusion of the right amount of fat does not mean that these is no space for vegetables and fruits in this diet. No diet is complete if it is not balanced. This balancing act is often done with the help of vegetables and fruits. This diet also is not different.

Stay Healthy!

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