February 9, 2023

Hong Kong: The City of Skyscrapers

Democracy is an important value. India is a democratic country. The freedom each Indian enjoys now is the gift of this great value the visionary leaders who once scarified their lives for the country gifted. To understand the true value of this invaluable gift the country possesses, it is important to look through the windows of another country which lacks this gift.

Let’s look through the windows of Hong Kong. Definitely, Hong Kong is much more developed and financially secured than India. It has an enviable infrastructure; it is known as the city of skyscrapers.
Each Hongkonger now understands that if one does not have democracy the luxuries around him is of no use.

For the last few months, a large section of people of Hong Kong has been aggressively fighting against the attempt to stifle the value of democracy the city has inherited from the United Kingdom.

Hong Kong was once a part of the Colonial Briton. Though post the World War Two the UK awarded freedom to many of its colonies, including India, this territory remained in the hand of the European master.
The city was thus special for many reasons. It was a business hub. It offered a shelter to many western companies.

Under the tutelage of the west, the city emerged as an Asian version of Europe. It was a testing ground of liberalism in the continent.

Things were going smoothly until the UK finally decided to hand the region over to an Asian hegemon, China.

The region was handed over to China based on the agreement that it would respect the democratic values it inherited from the western liberalism and would be ruled as per the agreed concept of ‘one country two system’.

Not only has China flouted the agreement, but also it has introduced some anti-democratic policies which has limited the breathing space of democracy which was assured by both the Asian and European powers.

For the last few months, Hong Kong has been witnessing pro-democratic protests. Many have been arrested and several others have been injured, as the Hong Kong administration under the command of a pro-China leadership has decided to go stiffer against the way a section of people has taken to express their disagreement against the systematic intrusion of China.

China is a openly Communist country, while Hong Kong is a region moulded by liberalism. Primarily, it is what which stays as a hindrance to the attempted merger.
The huge participation of youngsters in the pro-democratic movement in Hong Kong indicates how much worried the present generation of Hong Kong is about the attitude of China towards the region. It is hoped that peace will return to this region soon.

Hong Kong is the best place in Asia to experience the vibe of vibrant city. It is not different from any rapidly growing economic hub in the world. People visit this city normally to experience how is it like to live in a fast-growing economic hub.

Light shows, river cruises, ancient monasteries, fishing villages and markets are some of those attractions which bring people to this part of the world. Stary Ferry, Temple Street Night Market, A Symphony of Lights, Man Mo Temple, Victoria Peak and Tian Tan Buddha are the prime tourist destinations in the city – which is known for its affection towards luxuries.

Stary ferry was established in the year 1880. Since then, it has been using to cross Victoria Harbour. Though several other less time-consuming methods have been developed over the years for this purpose, the method still remains one of the most preferred by travellers for the scenic beauty the journey promises.

Market is a best place to understand the true vibe of a city. Hong Kong has several extra-ordinary markets. Temple street night market is an exception. When most markets shut their doors at dawn, this market does the opposite. Like what the name of the market indicates, it is a night market. From vegetables to craftworks, all kinds of products are available. This market is the best place to experience authentic Hong Kong cuisine.

Do you know how a light sing? It may sound crazy. But, if you have ever gone to the light and sound show organised every day at 8 PM in the Kowloon side of Victoria Harbour, you may not rise your eyebrows. A symphony of lights is a Guinness World Record winning light and sound show organised near the harbour every day. It is the largest permanent light and sound show in the world.

One of the reasons which differentiates Chinese from Hongkongers is their affect towards region. There are several monasteries and temples in the city. People in the city has huge respect for these religious institutions. Man Mo Temple is one of them. This temple is dedicated to Man Cheong, who is the god of literature, and Mo Tai, who is the god of war. As this is a temple dedicated for the god of literature, this is a favourite place of the youngsters – especially students – of this city. The architecture of the temple is mind-blowing.

Hong Kong is not too big. Victoria Peak is the best way to catch the entire view of this beautiful city – which is known for its skyscrapers. No skyscraper in this city is as high as this peak. When one looks down from this peak, he gets the view of this stunning city in a single frame. There are many ways to reach this peak. But, the best way to gain the actual feel of this trip is when the option of tram is selected.

Tian Tan Buddha is a good example how much respect Hongkongers have towards their religious institutions. It is a 112 feet high statue situated above the Po Lin Monastery. The cable car facility offered here is one of the elements which makes this destination popular. The view from the cable car, which offers a 360-degree view, is appealing.

Can you exclude this amazing city from your bucket list? Do visit this country at least once!

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