November 30, 2023
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Senior journalist K M Basheer died in road accident in Kerala

Senior journalist K M Basheer has died in a controversial road accident in the Indian state of Kerala.

The accident happened in the Kerala’s capital city of Trivandrum. It occurred while he was returning to his home in his bike after an official meeting. A speeding car rammed his bike when he was just few kilometres away from his home.

The police have not clarified yet who has driven the car at the time the accident happened. The delay is not without any reason. There were two persons in the car at that time: one was a young IAS officer and the other was his friend.

The IAs officer has rejected the allegation that he was driving the car at the time the accident happened.

As per a media report, the authorities failed to take a serious approach at the beginning. According to the report, the friend of the IAS officer was allowed to return to home immediately after the incident and the IAS officer, who sustained minor injuries, was permitted to shift to a private hospital from the government hospital, in which he was initially admitted, without doing proper medical test to verify whether he was under the influence of alcohol at the time of accident.

It is after journalists have questioned the authorities that they have summoned the friend of the IAS officer.

The longer it takes to check, the lesser is the chance for the detection of alcohol content in the blood sample of the culprit.

If there is no alcohol content in the blood sample, no serious case can be charged against the culprit.

There is an allegation that the delay that has happened in this case is part of a conspiracy hacked to help the senior officer.

Truth should triumph. No lie can survive the test of time, only pure truth can.

K M Basheer was a senior journalist. He was working in Malayalam daily Siraj. He started his journalist career as a local reporter. With his hard work and dedication, he climbed each step of his career ladder easily. He was the Trivandrum bureau chief of the daily. He was very active in the social and political platforms. For his excellence in political reporting, he was recently felicitated with an award. His demise is a big loss to the Kerala journalist sector.

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