July 3, 2020
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Sena plans to ditch Maharashtra BJP govt, alliance; will NCP extend its helping hand?

As the furious right-wing party, Shiv Sena, over the BJP led Maharashtra government’s circulation insisting ban on the photos and idols of Gods from the government offices, in line with the Siva Sena Chief’s announcement saying it would not contest any election anymore as an ally of BJP, is reportedly planning to ditch the BJP government run by Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, all eyes are set on the National Congress Party, another strong party in the state, which has nearly forty-one legislators in the 288 member assembly. The single largest party of the state, BJP, has nearly 122 members in the assembly. If the Siva Sena leaves them, they have to leave the government or face an election. It needs 145 seats to attain a simple majority in the Maharashtra Assembly. Some political experts claim that forecasting this disaster, the BJP led central government has begun measures to woo the NCP supremo, Sharad Pawar. They point out that the decision to give the second highest civilian award, Padma Vibhushan, to the old man is one such tactics. The NCP leader’s comment that they are open for any talk strengthens the speculations regarding the NCP-BJP alliance. The Shiv Sena has 63 legislators in the assembly. The BJP aims to cover the loss of this strength with the NCP’s power. Anyway, it is believed that for Shiv Sena there is a sustainability crisis. It seems that they fear the BJP is occupying their space.


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