June 28, 2022
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Sanam Prasad A Humble Damsel

A graduate in Software Engineering, who had worked in U.K. until two years back, Sanam Prasad never meant to become an actress. As she had modeled for a few textile, and jewelry ads, it was by chance that a production company came across one of her ads presenting her with her first role in the Malayalam movie Cinema Company. Since then, she has acted in the movie Ambuli 3D which presented her with multiple roles at one time, giving her much exposure in the acting field, and her upcoming release Ravu directed by Ajith Ravi Pegasus. She has currently signed on two other projects, one of which is a Telgu movie which is to be released in December of this year. When it comes to music she’s a fan of A.R.Rahaman, Ilaiyaraaja, Harris Jayaraj, and Adele. When it comes to movies “Notebook” would be one of her favorites, describing herself to be a “movie buff”, because she enjoys watching movies in various worldwide languages. So who is this quiet young lady who has made her way onto the screens? We have a pleasant chat with her to find out more.

Describe your first experience, and the obstacles faced in your first movie Cinema Company when it comparison to your experience with your current ongoing film Ravu?

Malayalam is a beautiful language. but for me it was as foreign as it could get. I’ll be lying if I said I got it smooth,and easy, and that I didn’t have cold feet. It was anything but. I really owe a lot to the director of Cinema Company, Mamaz, and the assistant director Soumya who took it as a challenge themselves to train me with my lines. There was no looking back ever since, and I’ve had a memorable time working, and learning through that movie. In comparison, Ravu was easier. I was more comfortable with the language, and the working style of Malayalam industry.

What do you find you love the most about acting?

Now that you ask, it really gets me thinking what I love about acting. Actually everything about it fascinates me just as much as it always did, before I became an actor. Its not any less interesting being within the industry. I love d fact that your skills are sought by a whole unit to portray a beautiful character, and to bring life to a beautiful story. As an actor you get to do so many different things which you can’t imagine doing in the real mundane life. Specifically Indian cinema is full of color, and drama with over the top romances.

Its so much fun doing these things, makes me feel alive, I couldn’t have asked for a better way of expressing myself.

You love watching movies in all languages, but when it comes to acting in certain languages do you have a preference?

Oh no, I’ve come to realize that language is never, and should never be a barrier. Language directly reflects a certain culture, and a certain sect of people. It would be my privilege to work in as many languages as feasible, and get to know and understand the true spirit of cinema and acting. I wouldn’t even restrict my choices to Indian languages.

Do you care to do negative or positive roles or is it all the same to you?

Negative roles sure have a lot more spunk, and spice doesn’t it? Doesn’t matter much if the role has shades of gray or all goody, it just needs to have justified character, and depth to it. It needs to be something I’d believe in.

Are there certain preparations which you find you have to take in order to get into the character of the role which you are playing before shooting starts?

Spontaneity works best for me. I react to a particular situation as naturally as possible, the way I imagine my character to. There are definitely inputs that are required to make the role more convincing in terms of body language, and speaking style which I work on.

 In life who would you say inspires, and motivates you the most?

Inspiration is something which I get in abundance, there is so much to learn from so many people in the daily walk of life, not just a super celebrity or a pop diva. At the end of the day its the spirit of being alive, the passion to pursue your dreams, to believe in one self despite all odds, and to keep trying to get what you truly desire for. These are the traits in people which inspire me immensely, and you can’t taste success without these.

Being part of an influential field such as the film industry, do you feel the pressures of a role model who the youth of today’s society will look up too as your career continues?

Wow, the question itself puts pressure on me *smiles.* Well its true cinema is a powerful medium, and most people like me to get influenced, and would want to ape the real heroes, so yes we do have the responsibility of portraying constructive content, and that can sometimes be a challenge to the creative liberty of a movie maker. Its a fine balance which for decades has been managed beautifully, so I hope it continues the same way, and I don’t in any way jeopardize that.

Do you have any actors/actress or directors whom you wish to work with in the future?

That would be a long list. For starters I consider actress Sridevi as my greatest inspiration to acting, and I would jump on a chance to work with her. By the way, I’m immensely happy like her millions of fans that she made a come back with such a brilliant movie, English Vinglish. Mani Ratnam sir, Gautham Menon Sir, K. Balachandarn sir, K. Raghavendra sir, Puri Jaganath, Shekar Kammula, these stalwarts of cinema are on my wish list of directors to work with.

Aside from acting, what are your other interests?

Being a movie buff that I am its got to be watching movies, also traveling, cooking, reading mostly fiction books. Just finished reading a very intelligent, and captivating book called Chanakya Chants by an Indian writer Ashwin Sanghi.

When it comes to sports, which ones are your favorite?

I’m not a very athletic person myself but I enjoy watching good old cricket.

Are you a fashion follower or do you follow your own style?

I do keep myself updated on the latest Indian, and global trends, and try to apply it in my movies. Its refreshing how styles keep changing, and old styles revisit. Personally I always wear what suits my mood, the color choices especially keep changing.I just need to enjoy what I wear, not particularly in line with current trends..

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