September 25, 2022
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Russia mercilessly suppresses people’s protest demanding free and fair elections

The Russian police authorities have mercilessly suppressed the protest of its citizens demanding free and fair elections in the country. The protest has been contained by the authorities violently with the help of force. The authorities have booked around 1,400 people in connection with the protest. The crackdown is one of the biggest crackdowns the country has witnessed in the recent past. Only 3,500 people have participated in the, so called, illegal protest. This data indicates that almost half of those participated in the march have been arrested by the police.

The protest has been actually launched in reaction to the Russian government’s decision to not to let prominent opposition figures to participate in city elections.

Recently, exactly a week before, a much bigger march occurred demanding the same. As many as 22,000 people participated in the march. It was led by prominent Russian anti-Putin activist Alexei Navalny. He was taken into the custody of the Russian police immediately after the protest.

Lately, he was admitted to hospital due to an allergy related ailment. The activist’s lawyer informed the public that his client never faced anything like this before.

Russia often reacts to dissent violently. It is one of those countries which are zero tolerant towards dissent.

In reality, the feeling against the ruling Vladimir Putin is very high in Russia at this moment. Day by day, the living standard of normal people is deteriorating consistently. Actually, it is this that paves the way for regular protest in Russia against the present ruling system.

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