July 13, 2024
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Rural MP thinks very different from Rural Rajasthan: Report


A report published in a leading national daily says that the political mood in the rural Madhya Pradesh is very different from that of the rural Rajasthan. It is not that one is pro-BJP and other is pro-Congress; in both places, there is a strong feeling against the saffron party. It is only that the reason why the MP rural people are angry with the BJP or the ruling party is different from the reason why the Rajasthan rural people are not happy with the saffron party or the ruling party.

As per the report, it is the BJP government’s attitude towards Rajputs that has created a strong sentiment against the party in the rural Rajasthan. Meanwhile, according to the report, it is the BJP government’s unwillingness to address the agrarian issues -which have increased several folds after the implementation of Goods and Services tax and the hike of oil price- that has made the BJP unwelcoming in the rural Madhya Pradesh.

The report exposes the weakness of the agrarian issue being projected as the major campaign statement in the upcoming general election.

It does not mean that the agrarian issue should not be highlighted as the prime campaign weapon. It only means that the agrarian issue is not the only issue at present that has the capability to mobilise the rural population of India.


Vignesh. S. G

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