March 1, 2024

Reliance delivers inefficient customer care service to land phone users

Kochi: Putting the land phone customers in deep trouble, the Reliance communications closed down several customer care centres across the state. From our experience, we are forced to make a conclusion statement that the Reliance communication is presently inefficient to sort out the problems and complaints raised by the land phone customers. Here, we share our experience with our readers. As we are one of the leading media company located in Kochi, we used to get several phone calls because an effective communication is one of the major component of the media industry. Unfortunately, we took a Reliance CDMA connection and fixed it as our official contact number as we completely trusted the leading communication network. But, unexpectedly, our phone connection had been disconnected during mid-July without even sending an informal message on that regard.

reliance2When we contacted the customer care service centre, they informed that they had stopped the CDMA service. And, they suggested us to bring a new GSM version, and assured that the service will be activated within fifteen days. Moreover, they pledged that they will activate call forwarding facility. Trusting these huge offers and the brand, on August 3, we paid a huge amount and brought the new service, Reliance GSM. Notably, till this date, the company has not activated any service. During this period, we noticed that the company has closed down several customer care centres, customer care services, and outlets.

reliance-3The worst thing is now we are unnecessary paying nearly 236 rupees monthly for this inefficient connection. Meanwhile, we tried to contact concerned authorities but we did not get a satisfactory response or clarification. Thousands of customers including the Unique Time are suffering from this irresponsible behaviour of a huge telecom conglomerate. As per the consumer law, a company should give clear details about the customer service centre and other services. It was our experience with the country’s biggest telecom conglomerate. If you have similar experience, please give your valuable comments.


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