June 26, 2022
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Rain batters Mumbai

Severe rain has made the life of common people in Mumbai difficult. Almost all transport facilities have been disrupted due to the unexpected climatic condition. Flights have been deviated, trains have been cancelled, and roads have been closed.

The local authorities have ordered the closure of the educational institutions in the affected region.

The rescue team has rushed to the sport and commenced their operation at the right time. The National Disaster Relief Force, Indian Navy and the Fire Brigade are those who are in the forefront of the rescue mission at this moment. Over 1000 people have been shifted to safety locations by those in the rescue mission. The high participation of local volunteers is seen in almost all affected regions. It is the team work that has helped the authorities to bring the level of the impact of the climatic condition to the lowest.

The authorities have defended the allegation of the lack of preparedness with the support of the argument of climate change.

In the coming hours, the intensity of the rainfall is likely to decrease. At present, several roads and railway lines are in a submerged state. Once the rainfall rate is decreased, the things will come to its normal state.

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