December 10, 2023

Rachita Joshi – Miss Queen of India 2017 Contestant

Miss Queen of India 2017 Contestant  Rachita Joshi   Speaks out.

My name is Rachita Joshi I am pursuing bachelors in bba .I am slim, tall and I have sharp features. I live in Chandigarh with my father, mother and sister . I am very friendly and am a v loyal friend . I am fun loving and love to travel probably these qualities are because of my upbringing and my zodiac sign which is Piscese I am a typical Punjabi outgoing, love dressing up, and listening to music and dancing and make friends easily As I grew up I was exposed to a lot of people and experiences and I become artistically inclined. I realized I was very athletic and I walked very gracefully like a model and naturally I was gifted with a good height, sharp features, pleasing smile, a pleasant personality and friendly nature I think I am like an uncut diamond .Now that I sit and go back in memory I realize how fast eighteen years of my life have passed by. My early childhood and schooling is very sketchy and I can remember only very little, one thing that I distinctly remember is that I got a lot of love and affection from my parents and my teachers.I always follow one quote in my life that never give up no matter what .



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