June 3, 2020
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Protest erupts in Hong Kong on its handover anniversary

The Hong Kong police have clashed with a group of anti-China protesters outside a venue, which has been arranged to organise the handover anniversary of the region. Years ago, Hong Kong was handed over to its present owner China by its former owner Colonial Briton. Still, many in the region find it hard to get in terms with the new reality – that is, the domination of China over Hong Kong. There is a significant number of people in Hong Kong who disagree with the ‘one nation one government’ policy of China, and want the communist country to accept the difference of the region from its present owner as it is.

Recently, an attempt to intrude into the region’s legal structure by China was violently opposed. The bill, which was designed to empower China to take those in Hong Kong to the mainland for the purpose of trial, was frozen indefinitely due to the pressure from the population of the region.

The protest which began in connection with that bill has not yet ended yet. It is still continuing in various areas of the region, demanding the resignation of the present Hong Kong supremo, who shares a good relation with China. In the Hong Kong parliament, the forces opposing China is a minority and the other is a majority. The ruling in Hong Kong is very close to China.

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