December 2, 2022
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Private member bill set to eradicate extravagance wedding expenditure

Nowadays, wedding is a celebration to show off the financial status of the family in which the ceremony happens. In some societies, the families take this function as their prestige issue. It cannot afford to hear any bad comments made against any element of the function so it tries to arrange all possible luxuries in order to satisfy and amaze those people attending the function. The trend which was once common among the high profile societies is now slowly coming downwards to the societies belonging to the lower stratum. As a result of that, such societies which are economically week are forced to take up credits or loans in order to arrange a splendid show off of prestige. More importantly, in such societies, traditionally bride’s family ought to organise the marriage ceremony; thus this miserable task of finding funds to this ceremony falls on the bride’s family. Thus, we are conveniently putting an extra burden on the bride’s family along with the dowry, which is still common in the Indian societies despite the fact that effective rules have been implemented against it. Anyway, through the Marriages (Compulsory Registration and Prevention of Wasteful Expenditure) Bill, 2016, it is aimed to curb the extravagance marriage expenditure trend prevailing in the Indian society. After its implementation, if a family want to spend more than five lakh rupees in a marriage, it ought to pay ten per cent of the total money to a fund arranged by the appropriate government authority to help the girls belonging to the poor families. Moreover, the bill proposes to make it mandatory that the marriages should be registered within sixty days of the The bill which is going to be introduced as the Private Member Bill is scheduled to be presented in the upcoming session.


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