July 29, 2021
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PMC scam: Depositors organise protest demanding justice

The depositors of the Punjab and Maharashtra Cooperative Bank, which recently got mired in a serious scam, has organised protest demanding justice.

A depositor has died few hours after he participated in a protest demanding justice. The person has died of heart attack.

Another depositor, who was a doctor, has committed suicide by consuming sleeping pills. The police say that the deceased doctor was a chronic depression patient.

Recently, indentifying some irregularities in the functioning of the bank, the Reserve Bank of India has put a cap on the withdrawal limit of the bank. Until the RBI declares otherwise, no depositor of the bank can withdraw more than Rs. 40, 000 from his/her account in the bank.

The RBI’s decision has created panic in the region. Many customers have expressed their concern about the decision of the RBI.

Several political leaders based in Maharashtra have demanded the immediate intervention of the government in the issue.

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