October 20, 2021
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PM Modi visits IRRI


Aiming to help those Indian farmers living in the flood-prone regions, our Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, who is in Philippines on a three day visit to attend the Association of South East Asian Nations Summit, has visited the International Rice Research Institute, which is aggressive working on a project aiming to develop those rice varieties which is capable of overcoming the difficulties created by flood.

The Indian supremo has been briefed about some rice varieties which have the ability to stay submerged for at least fourteen days without any harm.

The IRRI is going to open a regional centre in Varanasi, the PM’s constituency, to assist the Indian farmers and to help the farming community by developing some high-quality rice varieties, which is capable of overcoming several adverse conditions such as flood and drought.

The IRRI is one of the prime agricultural research organisations, which assisted the Green Revolution.

An Indian official, working in the External Affairs Ministry, has said that the IRRI has inked a deal with the Indian Council for Agricultural Research to develop drought-tolerant, salt-tolerant and flood-tolerant rice varieties.

It seems that with the assistance of modern scientific technologies and a supportive administration, India is likely to embrace another Green Revolution in the near future.


Vignesh. S. G

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