February 25, 2024
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PM Modi embarks for Germany

In a bid to give an impetus to the Indo-German relations, the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, has embarked for Germany.According to the report, the Prime Minister will meet the German Chancellor Angela Merkel and discuss several matters such as the India-EU trade, Indian-Germany trade (Germany is India’s prime trading partner in the Europe), security and counterterrorism, infrastructure projects, nuclear energy and much more. Indian supremo’s visit to Germany is part of his four-nation tour. The PM is likely to visit Span, Russian and France other than Germany in his six-day trip. The trip is very crucial as all these countries are important members of the Nuclear Supply Group, in which India is frantically trying to get into.

The global trade, counterterrorism and clean energy may appear in the discussion table of all those countries. On the wake of the Chinese aggressive foreign policy, the Belt Road Initiative, this European trip is very crucial as India is trying to find a potential European supporter in order to create an effective strategy to counter the Chinese aggression. India, it seems, is considering Germany, which is eyeing to explore the economic potential of the Asia and African region, as a potential supporter in its effort to articulate a counter strategy in the Asia-Pacific region. As the crucial G20 meet is scheduled to happen in July, it is also important that the India reaffirms the support of its traditional supporters and explores new supporters.






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