August 3, 2021
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People support note ban: Bihar CM

Showcasing that the opposition parties have different opinions or viewpoints on the demonetization issue, the Bihar Chief Minister and JD(U) leader, Nitish Kumar, has opined that people support the note ban. Nitish is the first senior leader from the opposition faction come into support of the widely discussed issue. In the present scenario in which the opposition faction are preparing to corner PM Modi in the parliament over the importer implementation of the demonetization plan, the Bihar supremo’s latest announcement comes as a huge blow to the opposition faction, comprising of Congress, NCP, SP, BSP, CPI, CPIM, DMK, and et al.

Earlier, on Saturday, Nitish had convened a meeting at Patna to deliberate the demonetization issue. Several senior leaders of his party participated in the event. While speaking at the function, he quipped that whom should he follow, the people or politicians. On November 9, a day after the PM’s surprise announcement regarding the demonetization, the Bihar CM declared his support to the BJP government over the issue. Experts claim that Nitish’s remark would help him to get into the PM’s good book. The experts added that it may alienate the JD(U) in the opposition faction. At this moment, it is unlikely that his allies, the congress party and RJD, will come up with strong criticisms. Anyway, last day, the BJP leader including BJP chief Amit Shah praised the Bihar Chief Minister for his strong decision or stand.





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