August 20, 2022
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Opinion: The Unacceptable ‘Anti-National’ Slogan

Recently, a woman activist, named Amulya, raised an anti-national slogan in an event organised in association with Hyderabad MP Asaduddin Owaisi led All India Majlis-elttehadul Muslimeen in Karnataka to protest against the CAA-NPR-NRC combine.

Definitely, it is not a positive trend. In no way, it services the movement that has been launched against the aforesaid combine.

Notably, Mr. Owaisi was quick to distance his organisation from the act. It was a commendable move.

It is important to make sure that the anti-CAA-NPR-NRC protect stays a safe distance from anti-nationals whose only aim is to destabilise the country in any manner.

The continuation of the support the protest receives from the secular population of the country largely relies on how successful the protest is in its obligation to keep its doors shut towards anti-nationals.

The latest trend shows a different story. It shows clearly how vulnerable is the movement to the potential penetration of anti-nationals.

A tall political leader like Mr. Owaisi cannot simply escape the responsibility.

As a responsible lawmaker, he is supposed to make sure nothing that threatens the security of the country is spoken in a function organisation under his leadership.

What the incident offers is a good lesson. It is a clear message to the ongoing anti-CAA-NPR-NRC movement.

Today, the Karnataka CM has publicised how the woman has been connected to some leftist anti-national organisations like Maoist organisations.

That announcement deserves a thorough investigation.

It is pertinent to find how this woman managed to penetrate into the event organised by the far-rightist Muslim organisation.

The woman is now under judicial custody. Her bail petition was earlier denied by the court.

Needless to say, anti-nationals may not shy away from misusing the opportunity developed with the commencement of the anti-CAA-NPR-NCR movement.

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